Source – Coal Mines

Since 2002, Agritrade has been actively involved in coal mining operations in Indonesia. As of 2008, it has a one-third stake in four coal mine concessions in the province of Kalimantan, Indonesia as well as a 50% stake in a 49,000 hectares coal mine in central Kalimantan. These open cast mines are owned jointly with our Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts. Production from the mines are either shipped to Indonesian power plants or directly exported to well-established power and industrial utilities in the Asian markets of Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan and India.

To date, more than 300 million tonnes of coal resources have been identified in the four concession areas. The resources have been defined by constant exploration and drilling since early 2007 till present. All of the mines are well supervised and modelled by the internationally recognised mine consultants.

The quality of the coal is of low sulphur and ash which makes a suitable sub-bituminous steaming coal for power generation of power plants, manufacture of cement and industrial utilization. The coal mined has specifications of less than 1% sulphur and 4% ash content and is considered an environmentally friendly coal.

The mines owned are:

• PT Senamas Energindo Mulia (49,000 Ha)

• PT Buntok Coindo Mineral (3000 Ha)

• PT Senamas Energindo Mineral (2000 Ha)

• PT Rimau Tangguh Perkasa (1500 Ha)

• PT Rimau Energy Mining (1000 Ha)

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