Ship Trading and Supply

Agritrade’s primary focus logistically is on the tugboats and barges mainly because it offers stability and is profitable even in volatile market conditions and economic downturns. Most of Agritrade’s business focuses on the South East Asia region where tugboats and barges are of great importance. There is a huge demand in the region, especially in Indonesia where there are many rivers and fewer built up roads and railways. In most parts of South East Asia, tugboats and barges have proven to be reliable and efficient and remain the primary means of transportation for huge and bulk quantity of goods.

Agritrade is concurrently building many tugs and barges for its own operations. A total of at least 50 tugs and barges are needed to support Agritrade’s entire group operations. However, Agritrade also sees this as an opportunity to supply vessels to others if needed. Agritrade currently supplies tugboats and barges to many customers around the region and earns good returns from this act.

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