GEO-COAL Upgrading Technology launches in Indonesia

Total Sinergy International (TSI), an Indonesian-based holding company owned by Agritrade International Pte Ltd and partners, announced the launch of GEO-COAL technology on 20 April 2011, a simple and economical process of upgrading the energy content of low rank coal by 50 to 100 percent .

A patent has been filed by Drew & Napier LLC Singapore for the breakthrough technology developed in Asia. TSI has also signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Indonesian national utility company, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT PLN), on their joint research and development to use GEO-COAL technology in one of its power generation plants in Indonesia.

Agritrade Resources Limited, an associate company of TSI listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, will build the first GEO-COAL commercial plant at their coal mine, PT Senamas Energindo Mineral (PTSEM), in Tamiang Layang, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia by end June 2011. This will have a capacity of 500,000 metric tonnes per year, providing GEO-COAL products to the industry.

TSI aims to bring GEO-COAL to markets including Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia and Australia. For more information, please visit

Corporate Exercise completed, Cooperation Partnership with Sinopec International (HK) announced

The Special General Meeting (SGM) was held on 21st April 2010 and it completes the Very Substantial Acquisition (VSA) exercise involving Agritrade International Pte Ltd and Hong Kong-listed Kwong Hing International Holdings (Bermuda) Limited. The poll results of the resolutions can be found at

Further to the completion of the VSA, it was announced that on 21st April 2010 that PT Rimau Indonesia, a subsidiary of Agritrade which will become an indirectly non-wholly owned subsidiary of Kwong Hing, has entered into a long term cooperation agreement on Indonesia steam coal with Sinopec International (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement, Sinopec International (HK) shall cooperate in areas with respect to procurement and sale of coal business, such information sharing, technology communication and application, logistic management and business.

The announcement of the Cooperation Agreement can be found at

Corporate Exercise in Hong Kong set for completion, roadshows to be held in Singapore, Hong Kong and China

Agritrade International Pte Ltd, with substantial stakes interest in a steam coal assets in Kalimantan, Indonesia has teamed up with its Malaysia and Indonesia business partners undergoing a very substantial acquisition exercise (VSA) with Hong Kong-listed Kwong Hing International Holdings (Bermuda) Limited (“Kwong Hing”) amounting up to HK$1.29 billion deal.

After 4 months’ of hardwork from the professionals, the VSA deal and its documentation is set to complete, pending the approval from the shareholders at a special general meeting to be held on April 21. The deal coincidently comes at the same timing when rising demand for coal from China and India is fuelling exports of the commodity.

Since 2009 Indonesia has become the world’s biggest exporter of coal for power plants, and the demand is continuous growing in the Southeast Asia region. It is believed that the VSA exercise will not only provide a new investment target for the investors in Indonesia coal industry, it also provides a better fund raising platform and showcase for Indonesia based resource companies. Based on the information from SEHK, it is one of the first operating Indonesia Coal Mining asset listed in Hong Kong.

Currently Kwong Hing is embarking on a roadshow in Singapore, China and Hong Kong next week to introduce the new focus of the company and to give more detailed information for the general investment public on the new business to be acquired. It is believed that following the successful completion of the exercise, the growth path of the Kwong Hing will focus on product branding, research and development of coal technology, and increasing of production capacity.

Details of the roadshow as follows:

Hong Kong Session:

Date: 12 – 14 April 2010 (Mon, Tues & Wed)

Time:10 am to 5 pm

Venue: South China Capital Limited

Room 2601-3, Tower 1, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

China Everbright Capital Limited (14 April 2010, 10 am – 12 pm only)

46/F., Far East Finance Centre, 16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

Singapore Session:

Date: 15 – 16 April 2010 (Thurs & Fri)

Time:10 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Marina Mandarin Singapore

Conference Room Libra & Gemini, Level 1

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square

Singapore 039594

There will be 2 – 3 presentation slots each day. For more information on the time slots and the roadshow, please kindly contact Steve Luo at

Corporate Exercise in Hong Kong, 28/12/2009

On 27 November 2009, it was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that Agritrade has agreed to sell equity interest in PT Rimau Indonesia and Rimau Shipping to Kwong Hing International Holdings and its subsidiaries (the Group).

The Group is principally engaged in manufacture and sale of knitted fabric and dyed yarns, and provision of dyeing, bleaching, setting and finishing services. While looking for suitable strategic acquisition and partnership opportunities, the Group also considers the possibility of any asset disposal, fixed assets redeployment or business diversification for the purpose of enhancing the long-term growth potential of the Group.

The entire acquisition is a corporate exercise that is likely to give Agritrade the boost to propel further in the industry.

For more information on the announcement, please click here to download the PDF version of the announcement. Updates on the acquisition can be found on

Agritrade celebrates thirty years of excellence, 28/12/2009

From its humble beginnings in 1979, Founder and Managing Director Ng Say Pek, together with Director, Ms Lim Chek Hwee have nurtured Agritrade to a viable and competitive commodities trading house. With just 7 employees in 1979, Agritrade now employs over 40 people in the areas of sourcing, marketing, logistics and banking.

As Agritrade celebrates its 30th anniversary at Charlton Hotel, the company is anticipating a greater future, together with all of Agritrade’s valued colleagues, partners and customers.

Truly Your Trusted Trading Partner – 30 years and counting

The company has strengthened its network in sourcing, marketing, trading, hedging and risk management to emerge as a significant performer in the commodities trade with specific reference to Palm Oil and Coal. Agritrade is now actively developing its supply chains of commodities by integrating production of coal concessions in Indonesia and Malaysia. The company has also moved into the activities of logistics and has taken up the building of a fleet of tugboats, barges and vessels for own use and chartering to others.

Agritrade has emerged as a premier commodities trading house with integrated supply chain solutions from original source of commodities from fields, processing, logistics and all the way to trading and delivery.

Our colleagues and partners can be well assured that Agritrade, with experience and expertise in all aspects of the trade, is well positioned to take on new challenges with vigour and integrity.

By linking fields, factories and end-users with an effective supply chain mechanism, Agritrade promises to provide reliable, dependable and cost-effective solutions.

An Agritrade Experience

The celebration took place at Charlton Hotel and was attended by all of Agritrade’s colleagues, business partners and customers.

The night will be best remembered for rekindling of old friendships, where everyone present experienced the same and unique Agritrade experience.

Agritrade would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all partners, colleagues and customers. Without the support and professionalism of each and every one, Agritrade would not have been what it is today.

This is our promise to you, that we will always be truly your trusted trading partner.

"Green" coal and global economic recovery to boost demand for coal, 2/12/2009

The Indonesian coal industry has developed very quickly over the last decade and is fast becoming a significant exporter, especially within the ASEAN context. According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2009, Indonesia has proven coal reserves of 58,600 million tonnes at end of 2008, which represent approximately 22.6% and approximately 7.1% of the total proven coal reserves of Asia Pacific and the world respectively.

It is expected that coal production growth in Indonesia will continue throughout the year 2009. The slowing demand from the international market may be offset by the increasing demand from the domestic market.

The government of Indonesian is committed to encourage private sectors to invest in coal mining industry especially in introducing new clean coal technology.

With the prospects relating to natural resources given the search for sources of energy among nations and enterprises becoming a global phenomenon, Agritrade will package and brand Coal as environmental friendly coal due to its low ash and low sulphur content characteristic, and targeted to be sold to local Indonesia power plants, and to be exported to thermal coal markets in India, China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Agritrade considers that there is a good prospect for the coal mining industry given the increasing demand from China, Indonesia and worldwide for coal and coal products.

However, the ultimate economic feasibility will depend on a variety of factors including market price of coal and coal products, costs of production and delivery terms along with the risk factors.

The management of Agritrade is confident that the global economic recovery will boost the demand for coal.

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