Palm Oil Processing – Refineries, Factories, Plants and Tolling

Further to the sourcing of oil palm fruits (Fresh Fruit Bunches) from the plantations and crushing them into CPO in the oil mills, Agritrade also jointly operates through tolling and off-taking several palm oil processing plants in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. Agritrade mainly supports two kinds of end-users that process and refine the palm oil for edible purposes in their plants and edible oil refineries and also industries that manufacture non-edible oleo chemicals and bio fuels etc. These plants and factories process palm oil into RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) palm oil, RBD palm olein, RBD palm stearin, specialty fats, oleo chemicals and even biodiesel products. These palm oil and palm related products are used all over the world by many manufacturing industries producing edible oils, food & confectioneries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio fuel and animal feeds.

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